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Muscat Mobile Flight Information


Muscat International Airport, Seeb, Sultanate of Oman


For ultimate convenience access Live Flight Information for Muscat International Airport at a press of a button on your mobile phone through text messages, this user friendly service will provide all Oman Mobile and Nawras subscribers with instant updates and save them a great deal of time as well as provide the subscriber with live flight information related to arriving and departing flights, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The service is applicable to all scheduled passenger flights from/to Muscat International Airport and the flight information is available 12 hours prior to the flight arrival or departure and 4 hours after. There are three types of flight SMS notification services.

Flight Status: To check the flight status, the user will receive 1 message of the current flight status (at the time of the enquiry). Example SMS the flight number (WY 615) to 90016.

Flight Update: The user will continuously receive a text message every time a flight update takes place until the flight arrives or departs. Example SMS U followed by Flight No (U WY615) to 90016.

Flight Number Search: To search for a flight number by Airline Name or by Destination. For arrival flights SMS SA followed by the airline name or destination, example (SA Oman Air) or (SA Dubai). For departure flights SMS SD followed by the airline name or destination, example (SD Oman Air) or (SD Dubai). All messages should be sent to 90016.

The Flight SMS is available to all pre-paid and post-paid Oman Mobile and Nawras mobile phone subscribers. The Nawras service is offered jointly in partnership with Tamimah Telecom and Computer Technology.

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